BOK Woodys Echo in a Cypress Swamp

(to Mike Burnett from Tuscaloosa, AL)

BOK Woodys Echo in a Cypress Swamp "Echo" is a 10 month old black lab male sent to us after his previous owners were unable to keep up with the high energy of a field trial bred lab. Echo is out of excellent Field Trial bloodlines with 25 of 31 dogs on his sire's side being titled, including FC AFC Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown and NFC FC AFC Abe's Ebony and Ivory. He is extremely smart, eager to learn and has an inextinguishable desire to please. Echo will soon be finishing up his basic obedience training and will begin full time retriever training. Echo is for sale and will be ready for his Started/Junior level hunt tests at the end of the fall. If you are interested in purchasing Echo following the completion of this level of training please contact Will White at 502.221.5311 for information on reserving this pup.
Echo's Pedigree
Echo's DOB  9/11/09
*Echo is yellow factored and may also carry chocolate.


 Echo Training Videos:

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