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Jet @ 6 months old

Jet is a black male out of two master hunters with a very strong field trial and hunt test bloodline. He is a strong retriever with a lot of go and a large water entry. He will make an excellent hunt test, hunting, or guide dog. He is offered for sale as a started dog, he will be running 60+ yd doubles on land and water, ff, cc, obedience trained, introduced to live pigeons, gun fire, and decoys. He will be steady, honor, and run diversions. If you are interested in purchasing this high power male please email or give us a call anytime.

Dam's 3 generation pedigree includes FC AFC Gunstocks Butchfrom Winifox, FC AFC Lone Star JR II, FC AFC Riparian Roughrider, and Hansborough Jackson MH.

DOB 4/11/13